Week 4 – Map Layouts

Once you have downloaded Mastermap data from Digimap you will need to convert it using a free tool called InterpOse  This software is used to convert your files into shapefiles which can then be opened in Arcmap.

Here is a useful guide to using the software.

Using Interpose to Convert MasterMap data to Shapefiles

Selecting and exporting MasterMap Data

Produce a Map Layout

Creating Raster Catalogs with Arctoolbox

  1. Create a new Geodatabase called Tunbridge Wells
  2. Download counties from the Digimap
  3. Extract zip file into Original/OS data/Boundaries/Counties
  4. Add counties to Arcmap
  5. Check in ‘list by selection’ that only counties is selectable
  6. Turn on county labels using ‘label features
  7. Select Kent using ‘select features’ tool
  8. Right click on the counties layer and select ‘Data -  export data’
  9. Save as a new feature class called‘Kent’  into your Geodatabase
  10. Import the Tun Wells SSSI data into your Geodatabase and add it to Arcmap
  11. Download and unzip districts from Digimap
  12. Add districts to Arcmap
  13. Turn on the labels for the districts layer
  14.   Use the select feature tool to select the Tunbridge Wells district
  15.   Right click on the districts layer and  export the data to a new feature class and call it Tun_wells_district within your Geodatabase
  16.   Add the Tun_wells_district layer to Arcmap
  17.   Add 250K OS map
  18.   Download, unzip and import into your geodatabase the UK coastline data and add it to Arcmap

Now use the layout view to produce an A4 landscape PDF map showing  the SSSI’s in Tunbridge wells District. You will also need to create another data frame to show a smaller scale map to locate Tunbridge wells within Kent.

  • Don’t forget to remove or turn off all unwanted layers.
  • Don’t forget appropriate labels, scale, key, copyright and north arrow.
  • Don’t forget to choose appropriate colours and label placement to help convey the information as clearly as possible.

Week 1 – Introduction to GIS Concepts

What is GIS Video, this video taking you through the fundamental concepts of GIS in a bit more detail.

QGIS – Opensource GIS software package, free to use

Once you have installed ArcMap and authorised the software, have a go at loading in some map data from the following link Open Streetmap This will load a vector base map of the world, and give you a chance to play around with some of the basic functions of ArcMap.

Accessing DigiMap via the Greenwich Portal

Video tutorial